Tuesday, 14 February 2012

14th February Blogs


When a rose is born a fairy sneezes,
When an icicle burps your drainpipe freezes;
If these should occur on Valentine's day,
 Replace romance with a take-away.


arosebyanyothername said...

Lovely, Lixtroll. I hope you don't need a take-away.

Fennie said...

Once there was a little pixie,
Lived up north, her name was Lixie,
She could write such beautiful lines
She transfixed us all with happy times..
And then went to announce our blogs
About our birds and bees and little mogs

In my case I tried to write but missed,
A piece about a duellist
Alexander Sergeyvich Pushkin
In Corner Cupboard page thirteen.
Actually I wrote the piece on Sunday
But never visited Lixtroll Monday
So here I am on Valentine's day
Looking towards my take-away.

Chris Stovell said...

Oh, that's so beautiful! As it happens I have blogged.

Faith said...

Oh so sweet Lixtroll, thank you. I do blog occasionally - I think I did a couple of days ago!