Monday, 28 June 2010

29th June Blogs

I couldn't be bothered to hoover
So I swept it under the mat
Where later on a manoeuvre
By Knockers the Farm House rat
Involved it being eaten
With gusto and delight
It must have been quite delicious
For he whiffed throughout the night


Riverdale Farm said...

Hi Everyone! Its the smiley faced Cowgirl here! Ahhh, life is GOOD.

Anwyay, as some of you know I wrapped up the Riverdale Ramblings blog (reason being no doubt became clear when I announced my elopement!)

But now I have resurrected it again as a completely different blog - first episode today! It now focuses on life at the B&B.

Also, I have taken down the Survival Blog. It came to a natural end!


Pipany said...

I have blogged a brief one for once!

bodran... said...

hi i have blogged as well.

Irish Eyes said...

A garden blog!