Sunday, 9 May 2010

10th May Blogs

There was a large bee
from Torquay

Who stung a young man
 on the knee

His yell of surprise

Near caused the demise

Of that bee,
who now lives out at sea

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Fennie said...

I am so glad, Lixtroll, that the bee is still living after the stinging episode though it won't find much nectar out at sea. Which prompts the question why do sea plants not flower? This is not such a silly question as it may look, for water lilies do. And it shouldn't be beyond the wit of nature to devise some kind of waterproof flower that shot up in a day or two high above the waves.

Still that's bye and bye. I really just wanted to say that I blogged yesterday about Knightshayes (it's a country house) and forgot to record it here.