Tuesday, 16 February 2010

17th February Blogs

Precipitation affects the nation
Especially in the hills
In the form of rain or mist or snow
The clouds will have their spills


Pondside said...

He was no tame gazelle nor gentle dove, but our Fella was a beloved member of the Pondside clan. Today we said goodbye to our funny friend.

Pipany said...

A half term blog has been written x

Irish Eyes said...

A bag of thoughts that came to me,
There for you to read and see.

ChrisH said...

Another snapshot from NY - the one where we meet Frances.

DJ Kirkby said...

Hello everyone. I've posted a wordless Wednesday photo on my Chez Aspie blog.

Blossomcottage said...

Amazing Birds
I am never ceased to be amazed by the ability of birds and startling array of colours,it is all too easy to watch them and dismiss their agile antics, their bright and almost unnatural blues and greens, yellows and reds, not just in the birds in warm climates but the ones just outside our kitchen window, or on our daily journeys each day.