Tuesday, 3 November 2009

4th November Blogs

All of a dank pugnacious dawn

I was merrily picking sedge

The capercaillie was on the lawn

Having sneaked in through the hedge

The kettle boiled, the fern uncoiled

Astrological zeppelins tipped

Over the cusp and far away

Where the storm from the teacup sipped


Cowgirl said...

Thanks for all your great comments and encouragement. Am enjoying being back at it and have done another one on the Survival Blog.

toady said...

Great poem today!!!!
Sorry no blog.

Pipany said...

Blogged some river views x

Calico Kate said...

Blogged on www.calicokateoriginals.blogspot.com re fabric covered address books.

Tattie Weasle said...

24-hours - my place!

Arcadian Advocate said...

I seem to be back on a blogging roll.. mmnnn for how long?

Irish Eyes said...

I have blogged and am - hopefully - back in harness! Village life is the title. Hope you'll enjoy!