Wednesday, 21 October 2009

22nd October Blogs

The weather's got dirty
The thermometer's flirty
With isobars quite uncontrolled
There's an absence of sun
Which isn't much fun
With temps from nought to thirty


Arcadian Advocate said...

Actually it was last night I blogged... am aiming for continuity but am just so busy it doesn't happen. A bit like coming on pc.. presently just a rare treat!


Have just written a couple of things - one on my Fridge Food blog about how to make the perfect Italian Mushroom Risotto, and a sort of linked piece on View from the High Peak about when I first went to live in north-east Italy.

Have a good weekend when it comes.

Tattie Weasle said...

Just four inches taller and two sizes smaller
Elegant and stylish for that impromptu caller
Home life and work life I’ve got it just right
These are the dreams I dream of at night!

What dio you dream about??