Monday, 3 November 2008

4th November Blogs

Low tech or high tech
An internet connection
Connects us on a global scale
And saves us from dejection
Our access to the www
By wireless or cable
Enables all communication
And keeps our minds quite stable


Pipany said...

A late Hallowe'en blog x

Faith said...

A photo of me in 1961! On my dove blog. And only a paragraph of writing.

Sally's Chateau said...

You'll see why I really should shut the shutters. How focused could you be ?

mountainear said...

I've found a little book which tells me how I can re-make my wardrobe. Some handy hints for these credit-crunched times perhaps.

Anonymous said...

A rant about the weather and farming.

CJ xx

KittyB said...

I'm fearing for my sanity.

ChrisH said...

Barely a blog - more of a howl, really.