Friday, 24 October 2008

25th October Blogs

Low tech or high tech
An internet connection
Connects us on a global scale
And saves us from dejection
For whenever we can go online
Whether wireless or cable
We can span the seven seas
Whenever we are able



Good Grief! a) because I have blogged and b) because I am first!
The final watery instalment (collective sigh of relief). Now I can get on and write about some other things! Am away for half term. Any of you out there with children - enjoy! (not without a hint of irony...)

Fennie said...

I have blogged about the Mourjou Chestnut Festival. For those with an interest in chestnuts.

gertyb said...

Very short blog about why I cannot relax and mellow out

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Short paranormal blog.

CJ xx

Faith said...

Come and have a look at my new pink bathroom! Don't all crowd in at once..... it's very small!